Marketing Audit

How much you spend and how much you make


Why a Marketing Audit?

The point of a Marketing Audit is to attempt to assess what’s working, what’s not, and how it can be improved. Again, it’s an attempt to assess – meaning you may not be accurate. But you can’t determine success without some kind of measurement, some kind of data. And you can’t measure growth without first measuring your current status.

To do a full Marketing Audit you must note:

    1. All the types of marketing
    2. Each of their settings
    3. Each of their metrics & results
    4. As best as possible, each of their ROI


A Marketing Audit is highly technical & methodical.  And you must keep good records.

Website Audit

Website – Is – Ultimate. A well-working, well designed, fast website is the foundation for proper marketing. It’s the hub of the wheel, where all the spokes align.

SEO Audit

Who cares what great content you have if nobody can find it !  This is the death of many great writers, content creators, authors, etc. They can’t be found.

Social Media Audit

People interact with others, businesses, and brands here.  Having your sister’s daughter’s boyfriend post on the ‘Gram isn’t marketing.