Blogging & Copywriting

What you see and read matters – a lot.


Why blog or copywrite?

This all goes back to SEO – people are searching for answers, services, and products. And the way they find it is by good SEO.  But good SEO requires good content – like a blog or copywriting.

Blogging & Copywriting Steps


Start with a goal – what am I trying to accomplish? Is a service in a new market? A new product for homeowners? Are you targeting a new type of customer?

Here you need to determine what content to create, for who, what format it should be, and how best to distribute the content.


Keyword & topic research, competitor research, like-kind research, adjacent service or industry research. You get the picture – there’s a lot to research.

Outline & Approve

Once you have ideas on what should be covered in your blog, it’s time to outline.  This is very skeletal and is only meant to help others review your content direction.

This means content direction, hierarchy, links & content pieces, and maybe some SEO input.


All that prep comes to this – writing good copy. You’ll use keywords, topic ideas, competitor and industry research, and various other SEO or research.

But you’re also writing for people. So you have to get the right tone, terms, and reading level.


People recognize and understand images faster than words. Especially when an image can quickly show what a product looks like, how a service is properly done, etc.  That’s why images play such an important role in educating the reader and ultimately SEO.


Now that you have great content created, it needs to be published in a manner where people can readily find it (SEO) and enjoy it (UX).

You have to do layout, compatibility design so the content works across any device, and then get it shared.